Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Benefits and Drawbacks of e-Learning

Unlike any other training forum, elearning's greatest promise is to accomodate three of the four learning modality types: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. So an elearning management solution can be a huge shot in the arm and provides training professionals with a targeted/laser beam approach to training.

Your elearning management system needs to be in tune with the objectives of your company and those of your training program. Remember small changes can bring you very positive results. There's no need to spend hundreds of thousands on elearning to find the right system for you. What you need to identify is where the dollars seem to be "leaking" and plug that link. Re-allocation of current training funds towards elearning is the way to go. And, the best way to start with any elearning management solution is by taking "baby steps". Load in a few courses and exams and watch how the system works for you. When you're comfortable with the results, make the switch with all of your training.

Here's a great article on the benefits and drawbacks of e-learning. The more prepared and "armed" you are with the right research, the better you'll be when you implement your system.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of e-Learning: "The Benefits and Drawbacks of e-Learning
by Kevin Kruse